Testimonial from Sarah Dawkins and Isaac Mulhall

I had known Chris for many years and Chris was aware that my youngest son, Isaac, was dyslexic. At the age of 11, and moving into senior school, Isaac had reading age of 7 and a mathematical ability of a 13 year old, which I understand to be not an uncommon finding in males with dyslexia.

The education system had been frankly poor in their response to Isaac’s needs, and in the whole time Isaac was at school did nothing to effectively help him. I had arranged private tutoring for Isaac previously, but Isaac hadn't really gelled with the tutor.

I was prepared to give Chris a try, as I knew her, and liked her quirky but practical approach to life and learning. While Isaac didn’t initially relish the 45 minute travelling time, by his lack of complaints after a couple of visits, I realised Isaac was actually looking forward to Chris’s tutoring sessions. Isaac would never had said as much at the time, but no 11 year old boy is going to admit liking extra lessons!

I asked Isaac about his thoughts when Chris asked me to provide a testimonial, and Isaac said, ’Oh the mad tutor I had to travel to?-I can’t remember much about what we did together, but I know it was fun and I became interested in reading books while I was seeing Chris.’

Well if that isn’t a ringing enough – a dyslexic 11 year old suddenly finding a joy in reading. Let me fill in the last 6 years, Isaac passed 8 GCSEs and is now in the second year of college training to be a chef. He intends, (voluntarily), to remain in education after these 2 years have elapsed to gain higher qualifications. Isaac now has a confident manner together with the expectation to succeed.

Personally, I can’t thank Chris enough for helping Isaac to realise his full potential.

- Sarah Dawkins and Isaac Mulhall

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